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Endurance (Stardoc #3) by S.L. Viehl

Endurance (Stardoc #3) Endurance by S.L. Viehl


Colonel Shropana was willing to destroy the Jorenians just to capture Dr. Cherijo Torin for the Allied League of Worlds—so she felt little remorse for selling him out to brutal Hsktskt slave traders. But just as Cherijo made her escape, the man she once loved stabbed her in the back—and handed her over to the same slavers.

Alone, hated, and feared by her fellow slaves, Cherijo needs all her training to save those in need—a difficult task amidst the endless brutality of their captors, but a far better fate than being the League's guinea pig. As she struggles despreately to help those she can, Cherijo reminds herself that good doctors don't let personal vendettas stand in the way of duty. But then, most doctors aren't Cherijo Torin...

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
Another great book in the Stardoc series. First I have to say that I have really enjoyed this series so far. I love the characters and have enjoyed the storyline.

I do have a couple complaints about this particular book. My major complaint was that I found Cherijo's continuous 'escapes' and throwing herself right into danger again to be a bit much. The first few times okay, but then it just got to be a bit mundane --happening again and again.

I did guess who the traitor was fairly easily and I was certain of the twist with Reever long before it was revealed.

Those things being said I would still recommend this series of books to any sci-fi fans and intend to continue to read the series and in fact am looking forward to starting the next one soon!

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