Friday, April 20, 2007

Book #23 of 2007 -- Hunting Diana by Doreen Orsini

A blurb about the book from Doreen Orsini
How does Frank Nostrum manage to lure the strongest vamps in Mina's Cove into his pen? How does he keep them there until they meet their death beneath dawn's fiery rays? When one of their own kind, one secretly driven by jealousy, declares that his daughter is the lure, the elders of Mina's Cove pass sentence: the hunter's daughter must pay for his crimes with a single kiss, a drop of blood, a hunger denied. Torn between duty and honor, Lucian, the vampire sent to carry out the sentence, sates Diana's hunger while he searches for proof of her innocence. Diana finds herself thrust into the arms and world of a creature she never believed existed. Can she trust him with her knowledge about his brother's death? Mina's Cove has been a haven to the peaceful vampires for nearly a century. Since the angels took pity on Mina and Dracula, blood still holds a strong attraction for these creatures of the night, but only when combined with passion. If Lucian fails to save Diana, the wrath of the angels will doom the vampires of Mina's Cove and all humans within their grasp.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Book #22 of 2007 -- The Art of Undressing by Stephanie Lehmann

From the Publisher
Ginger's mother, Coco, used to be an exotic dancer, though now she makes her living selling sex toys and teaching classes like "The Fine Art of Striptease." A straitlaced, self-respecting twenty-five-year-old, aspiring pastry chef Ginger has no desire to follow in her mother's high-heeled footsteps. She's too busy trying to convince her sadistic French cooking school instructor of her talents in the kitchen.When Ginger gets sweet on a fellow student, she finds herself ill-equipped in the art of seduction. And when she discovers she has a reputation for being "just one of the guys," suddenly, she's looking for some motherly advice on how to catch the man she loves.
Author Biography: Stephanie Lehmann is the author of Thoughts While Having Sex and Are You in the Mood? A playwright and contributor to, she lives with her husband and two children.
ETA 4/20--
I am so happy that this was on someone’s wishlist which prompted me to read it instead of letting it languish on my TBR pile any longer. It was a funny, good read. Ultimately a romance but with a lot of insight into the psyche of Ginger, who is determined not to grow up to be her mom, Coco, a stripper. While at the same time letting us see what a strong woman Coco is, despite of, or possibly because of, her career choice. This was a great change of pace from the paranormals that I have been reading lately.

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