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Beyond Varallan (Stardoc #2) by S.L. Viehl

Beyond Varallan (Stardoc #2) Beyond Varallan by S.L. Viehl

Dr. Cherijo is living the perfect life-if you think that finding out you're a clone, then being declared "non-sentient" by your father/creator is your idea of perfect.

Things could be worse. But when the Human League comes after her, with bounty hunters of every race trying to bring her in, Cherijo figures it can't get any worse...

Until someone begins stalking her dreams.

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rating: 5 of 5 stars
I enjoyed this second book in the Stardoc series as much as if not more than the first book. In this book Cherijo is adopted by the Jorenian and finds a place on one of their ships after being rescued from K-2. She makes friends and explores her feeling for Duncan Reever who has tagged along for a ride. She also discovers that there is a killer on board who has the ability to invade her dreams and assault her when she is asleep.

Between running from the League, who are determined to capture her and return her to her parent, and trying to solve the mystery of who on board her new home is murdering her friends, Beyond Varallan is a non stop action book. The characters are beautifully developed and the author has really outdone herself with this next book in the Stardoc series. With an unexpected ending and a twist that makes it absolutely necessary to start the next book in this series right away the author has me hooked.

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