Saturday, January 26, 2013

Dream Called Time (Stardoc #10) by S.L. Viehl

Dream Called Time (Stardoc, #10)Dream Called Time by S.L. Viehl

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dispatched to investigate an unidentified ship that has emerged from a mysterious rift in space, Cherijo discovers technology far more advanced than anything she's ever seen. Before she can unravel the alien ship's mystery, Cherijo's own ship is sucked into the rift and transported through time. Unless she can find a way to reopen the rift, they will remain trapped in another time. And Cherijo will never see her family-which she's only just been reunited with-again...


Overall this was a series that I really enjoyed. Some twists and turns along the way that I did not like, but overall a great read.

This last books was a nice wrap up of the series. Maybe not exactly what I was expecting, but still a nice way to wrap everything up (and possibly leave an opening for a new series?)

I can say that this is an author who will now have my attention with everything that she publishes.

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