Sunday, January 27, 2008

Them by Katherine Applegate

Remnants #3

Of the Eighty people chosen to escape Earth's destruction, only a handful survived. And those that made the five-hundred-year trip through time have not emerged unscathed. They've landed among the truly bizarre, and it is now time to confront their strange new reality. Despite the enemies they know are out there, Jobs's and Mo'Steel's group venture out to explore, and soon discover what looks like a recreation of the Tower of Babel. Within the tower, they find an alien creature – wounded, but a potential threat nonetheless. Still, they decide to follow it deeper into the tower in an effort to unlock its secrets.

My Opinion
In this third book of the series the group of survivors sets out to explore the new world they have landed on. Soon after the set out they discover that this is not a planet, but a ship. A ship large enough to hold worlds, that seems to be controlled by a super computer who is using their own data stores from Earth to create an environment for the survivors, based on artwork. But the artwork it chooses is a combination of artists who created paintings of atrocities that only a crazed mind could create.

What was one group of survivors becomes two separate factions. The normal group and the misfits. Who fits where is slowly determined by emerging mutations and each individuals desire or resistance to follow the self appointed leaders. Jobs, Mo-Steel, Olga (Mo-Steel's mom), Violet and Billy Weir form one group. The others form another, although some do not fit in as well as others. Tamara, who was pregnant when the shuttle took off from Earth, and her 'baby' that was born while the others were in hibernation, seem to be an entity of their own. 2Face who is taking care of Jobs younger brother Edward, finds herself fighting for her very life when the baby demands a human sacrifice. And Edward seems to have developed a mutation to camouflage himself that is becoming evident to the rest of the group.

While these two separate groups battle demons straight from the crazed mind of a long dead artist from Earth, as well as the every present Riders, they make startling discoveries about the ship that they are on and wonder if they can indeed survive.

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