Friday, February 1, 2008

Nowhere Land by K.A. Applegate

Remnants #4

There's a reason for the strange environment of the world the Remnants have landed on. It's not a real world at all. It's a ship and the ship's landscape is computer generated. Technically enhanced. And when the group finds a power node, a green-glowing cone that's racing with electricity, they realize that they too can be in control of their bizarre surroundings.

My Opinion
Well this was another interesting chapter in the Remnants series. The survivors are exploring the ship that they have found themselves on. They encounter a nightmare world full of horrors that only a sick mind could create. They befriend one of the Blue Meanies and get more of an understanding of what is happening in the battle between these aliens and the Riders who are trying to kill the survivors.

I am sad that this is the last book in the series that I currently have. I am going to go on a hunt for the rest of the series and I have really enjoyed it so far.


Amberkatze said...

I haven't read through the whole review because I do believe these are coming to me next ;)

Although I am happy to see you liked them! Makes me want to read them even more ;)

WSS4 said...

Yep they are heading your way soon. I actually have a package that I will be shipping out to you soon, but it has the Countdown series in it. lol

These will be following shortly though.

You really have to like Sci-fi I think to enjoy these. You will have to let me know what you think.

I do highly recommend her 'Everworld' series as well. I absolutely loved it. I think Pepper currently has the entire series, that I sent to her after reading it. Maybe you can sweet talk her into a trade. ;-)

Amberkatze said...

Oooo!!! I love getting packages of books!

I already started Everworld and have a few books from the series to keep me going. I wasn't too impressed right away but I think I need to read some more before I make a deicision.

I like Sci-fi on TV but don't read too much of that it will be nice to see what I make of these!