Thursday, January 3, 2008

Among the Brave by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Shadow Children # 5

From the Publisher
In the aftermath of a crisis that threatens the safety of all shadow children -- illegal third-borns in a society that allows only two children per family -- Trey's friends expect him to take charge -- a function he doesn't want or think he can do.

Trey's new role leads him to travel with Luke Garner's brother, Mark, to Population Police headquarters. There he impersonates an officer to try to rescue Luke, who has been taken prisoner. The nonstop adventure puts all three boys in danger and risks exposing the underground movement to help all shadow children.

In this, the fifth book in the Shadow Children series, Margaret Peterson Haddix returns to the futuristic setting and compelling characters she created in Among the Hidden. With an adrenaline-fueled plot and surprising twists, Haddix has again crafted a story that is suspenseful until the last page.


My Opinion

I started this book back in September when I was reading the entire series. Then I got hired to work full time and dropped off on reading. I picked it back up today as I am finishing up Christmas vacation by trying to catch up on some reading.

I really enjoy this series of books. It is heart wrenching when you think about what is happening in the books.

In this one, Trey, who has always been the scared timid one at Hendricks School, is reluctantly forced into the position of a hero when his friends are arrested by the Population Police. Along with Luke's older brother Mark, he sets out on a journey to rescue his friends. He battles his fears, which are many, after spending his life in hiding as a third child. In the end, he discovers a new desire to take the fight further.

I can't wait to start the last in the series to see how it all ends!

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