Thursday, January 3, 2008

In the Blood: Darkwings #4 by Savanna Russe

Since the feds coerced sleek New York vampire Daphne Urban into spying for the U.S., she's been part of Team Darkwing. Their latest assignment: rescue the kidnapped daughters of the city's elite.

The terrorists demand gold-and access to a military secret. So Darkwing goes on the prowl in the depraved, secret vampire underworld. It's a world of passions that Daphne has always shunned, until temptation finds her. And if she wants to save the kidnapped girls, she can't get distracted...

My Opinion

This was an okay read. I really enjoyed the first two books in the Darkwing series but have been a little disappointed in the last two. The author seems at times to be experimenting with her writing style. There were moments in this book that were just too poetic and flowery. The storyline was okay. We know that this author takes on modern day problems and the storyling involves an Al Queda cell in New York City, which could be believable. But the way that she interjects Daphne's emotional baggage into the plot ruins it for me. I mean Daphne has been through so many men in this series that I can not keep up. Oh well, I will continue to read the series as she has a new one coming out in May of 2008; 'Under Darkness'. Hopefully she will stick with the spy part of her writing and stay away from attempting to put so much emotion and sex into the books. It just doesn't work.

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Amberkatze said...

I really enjoy this series and like the characters. I am interested in seeing how the series delevops...seems there are alot of avenues the author could take...