Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reading in 2008

I have decided to not set a number goal for my reading in 2008. Now that I am working full time I can not read as much as I like and I don't like to feel that I am under pressure to get a certain number of books read.

I am however going to set a few personal goals.

The first is to get the owed TBR pile completely finished and keep it gone. These are books that I have already promised to others, either through VBB or swaps, that I still have not read. This means that instead of choosing a book I want to read based on my desire to read it, I am choosing books to read based on what I owe out to others. So this needs to stop.

I also want to tackle some of the series that I have accumulated. find that I enjoy gathering series of books. I like to read a series back to back. The only problem here is that if I collect a series of say 5 books and then I start reading them and find that I am not enjoying them, I am stuck with the rest of the series. So I really want to get to work on reading these series and at least beginning a series by reading the first book, before I decided to accumulate the rest of the books in that series. (My bookshelves will appreciate this goal as well.)

So that is the extent of my reading goals for 2008, besides enjoying what I read. Which reminds me. I am no longer going to attempt to complete a book just because I think I should like it. If it am not enjoying it by page 100 then off it goes.

Happy Reading in 2008 Everyone!!


Cherie said...

*applause* or is that applesauce?? ;)

Amberkatze said...

Just enjoy what you are reading!

You know how fast I read any how many books I have read. However you would be surprised at how many I don't finish because I don't like them.

If I don't enjoy it then I move on! The Tbr pile goes down a little then ;)