Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Attack of the Vampire Snowmen by Benny Alano

Attack of the Vampire SnowmenAttack of the Vampire Snowmen by Benny Alano

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With only a few days before the big night, Santa Claus is kidnapped by an army of vampire snowmen; it's up to Laidenn, Claus' only dark elf-in-training, to enlist the help of the living dead elves to defeat the snowmen and bring Claus back.


I am more than willing to read a Christmas story that detours from the path of "normal" if it is well written. I was intrigued by the idea of vampire snowmen and was willing to read this story with my sense of humor well prepared to be assaulted. Assaulted it was and then some. Vampire elves I can deal with. Vampire snowmen okay. Dark elves no problem, but when I started reading about zombie elves and Santa Flaws it was just too much. The story was not well written, it is definitely not something that I would want any child of mine to read, and it was not even something that I would recommend to adults. The most imaginative part of the story was the fact that there were vampires and zombies, which could have been fun if it was not so stupid! The author did not use his imagination to write this story beyond the creation of the characters. Don't waste your time, even if you picked this up free like I did.

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