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Stirred (Jack Daniels Mystery #8) by J.A. Konrath

Stirred (Jack Daniels Mystery, #8)Stirred by J.A. Konrath

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They are the very best at what they do. Peerless. Unmatched.Only fate could bring two such extraordinary people together?or the depraved manipulations of a homicidal criminal who takes lives for the sheer pleasure of watching his victims die.Luther Kite is a monster among monsters, growing increasingly bored with his kills. So he sets his sights on the one adversary who can offer him a true challenge: Lt. Jacqueline ?Jack? Daniels, the best homicide detective to ever come out of the Chicago PD. Jack has brought the city's most notorious criminals to their knees. But now she may die on hers, in a specially crafted hell Luther Kite has been building for years. Trapped in a nightmare from which none have escaped, Jack has never been so close to death...nor had so much to live for.Fast-paced, suspenseful, and darkly comic, Stirred brings J.A. Konrath's Jack Daniels series and Blake Crouch's Luther Kite series to a riveting, heart-stopping conclusion.


First I need to say that while the Forward in this book says that no prior knowledge of the Jack Daniels series by Konrath or the Luther Kite series by Crouch is necessary before reading this book, I personally think that it is a good idea to have already read them both. I found this to be a satisfying ending to the Jack Daniels series (though I am one of those fans who would not mind one bit if Konrath wrote another book in the series)but I would very much have liked to have already read the Crouch series before reading this book. I had them on my wishlist but now I think that I will probably not bother as I feel like I would not enjoy them as much when I already know what the conclusion is going to be.

I will however be searching high and low for any and all books/stories that contain even a glimmer of konrath's Jack Daniels characters in the future!

Konrath has definitely made me a fan!!

One aspect of this book that I loved is the ability to hyperlink characters and events to the descriptions and explanations contained at the end of the book. I think that this is a fabulous feature that ebooks are able to offer over paper/ink books.

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