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The Santa Exclusive by Brent Boswell

The Santa ExclusiveThe Santa Exclusive by Brent Boswell

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Ran Anderson is a self-destructive, thirty-something journalist who believes gift giving at Christmas is a massive waste of resources. He loathes Santa for spearheading such widespread fiscal irresponsibility, especially considering the dismal state of the world’s economy. So when invited to conduct an exclusive, face-to-face interview with Claus just before the Holidays, Ran is eager to stump Santa by asking some very hard-hitting and even unpopular questions—but it turns out—Santa is eager to respond.

The description of the book is very misleading. I was looking for a Scrooge type book about a Christmas miracle, but ending up getting a Public Service Announcement with a lot of preaching.

The book starts out introducing us to a Scrooge like character -- an alcoholic reporter. After a visit from a mysterious janitor the reporter dies, begs God for another chance and ends up at the North Pole talking to Santa Clause. He then proceeds to 'interview' Santa which ends up being a combination of a PSA and a lot of preaching about what God wants us to be.

While I did find a few points made by the author to be relevant to society's current state -- a call for people to respect the President regardless of rather they voted for him or not and a call for reform to begin at home with better parenting, overall I found the tone of the book to be too preachy for my interest.

I found the whole mix of God and Santa to be odd and felt that the purpose of the book was to allow the author to preach and try to convert his readers to his way of thinking about religion. Not what I am looking for in a Christmas story.

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