Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Serpent's Daughter (Jade del Cameron Mysteries #3) by Suzanne Arruda

The Serpent's Daughter (Jade del Cameron Mysteries, #3)The Serpent's Daughter by Suzanne Arruda

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Joining her mother for a holiday in the ancient port city of Tangier, American adventuress Jade del Cameron expects their trip will be far less dangerous than her safaris in East Africa. But soon after their introduction to a group of European tourists, Dona del Cameron goes missing- victim of an apparent kidnapping-and, shockingly, the French authorities seek to arrest Jade for the murder of a man whose body she discovered in a series of ancient tunnels. Now, Jade must call upon her friends to find her mother and expose the true villains, who have every intention of bringing about her own destruction..


Another very enjoyable read in the Jade del Cameron series. I enjoyed this one because I think that we got to see a little more of a vulnerable Jade. He relationship with her mother is explored and I really enjoyed that aspect of the story. I like Sam, though the relationship between Sam and Jade is a little erratic. The mystery itself was interesting and I really enjoy how the author puts a little bit of mysticism/magic in the stories without making it an overwhelming aspect of the story. Definitely planning to read more of this series.

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