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Keep Mama Dead by S. James Nelson

Keep Mama DeadKeep Mama Dead by S. James Nelson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In 1905 of this alternate history, in a country located between Arizona and Utah, 19-year-old Thomas Baker has accepted that his mother won't last out the day. She's used up all her second life days, and won't live again.

People should respect someone's wishes to stay dead, but Thomas's family will try to resurrect her. They need her to work the farm and cook their meals. They need her for a slave--a companion to Thomas out in the fields.

So Thomas has to stop them. He has to keep his mama dead.

Not a problem--at least, not until Mr. Milne arrives with Miss Sade. She's Thomas's age, and wears a white dress and hat. She has a face like an angel and hair like a halo. But she's also a zombie raiser--which means the barrier has fallen. The Moabites can invade with their undead army.

And no doubt they will. They want to own the sacred land of Zion's Canyon--the very location where Thomas's family will try to resurrect his mama. But he'll stop his family. Even if that means facing an army of zombies. Or his brother and father.

Or a zombie-raising belle.


I really quite enjoyed this book. The idea was an interesting one. The author could have done a little better job with explaining more about the blessings and second life days, but other than that the story moves at a good pace and has a very interesting story line. I have read several reviews that complained about the ending so I kept expecting some horrible ending, but I was actually quite please with the ending. Everything came together and the story worked itself out. I will definitely be keeping my eye on this author.

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