Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wool (Wool #1) by Hugh Howey

WoolWool by Hugh Howey

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They live beneath the earth in a prison of their own making. There is a view of the outside world, a spoiled and rotten world, their forefathers left behind. But this view fades over time, ruined by the toxic airs that kill any who brave them.
So they leave it to the criminals, those who break the rules, and who are sent to cleaning. Why do they do it, these people condemned to death? Sheriff Holston has always wondered. Now he is about to find out.

Wonderful quick read. Now I see why they gave it away free. I am heading to Amazon now to buy the next short story in this series.

Imagine living in a silo where your only contact with the outside world is through viewing windows that show a brown world where nothing lives and the only thing that moves are the black clouds drifting across the dead world. Where the once great cities lay in ruins on the horizon.

Generations live out their lives in the silo, drawing a lottery to attempt to have children in the very limited space.

The ultimate sin is to wonder about what is outside the silo. Wanting to go outside is a sin so great that it meets banishment. But as long as you are going outside you might as well clean the lens that give a view of the outside world while your out there, right?

Very interesting concept and wonderful story. I am very interested to see what the author does next.

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