Sunday, January 22, 2012

Murder Shoots the Bull (Southern Sisters Mystery, #6) by Anne George

Murder Shoots the Bull (Southern Sisters Mystery, #6)Murder Shoots the Bull by Anne George

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Patricia Anne would swear that either she or her sister Mary Alice were switched at birth, except they were both born at home.Flashy, flirtatious Mary Alice is one foot taller, twice the body weight of Patricia Anne, and three times as likely to do something completely off the wall. But now Mary Alice's impulsive behavior has land them both in the Birmingham jail!

It all begins with a call from their good friend Mitzi Phizer, who's starting an investment club — kind of a Beardstown Ladies group. Patricia Anne is willing to make a small, conservative investment in a thriving chain of HMOs; Mary Alice is hot to trot to put her money on Viagra. But before the club idea gets off the ground, the sisters spot Mitzi's supposedly faithful husband in a chummy little huddle with a redhead — and the next thing they know, Arthur is accused of murdering the mystery woman. Nothing about the whole sordid story fits the kind, gently Arthur, and Patricia Anne is doing her best to console her good friends. But when their house catches on fire, and Arthur is shot in a place that won't allow him to even sit down at his own murder trial, the sisters know they have to stand up for the poor fellow. And that means checking out everyone — from low-down cads to highbrow bank presidents — to find a no good gun-toting arsonist who believes big money is to kill for.


Another fun read in the Southern Sisters Mystery series. I did not enjoy this one quite as much as the previous books in the series though. The characters involved in the actual mystery and their relationships were hard to follow and the ending was a little too thrown together for me. I still enjoyed the relationship between Mary Alice and Patricia Anne and will be finishing up the series soon.

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