Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Host of Dragons: Dragon Delasangre #4 by Alan F. Troop

A Host of Dragons: Dragon Delasangre, 4 A Host of Dragons: Dragon Delasangre, 4 by Alan F. Troop

A vessel bearing twelve mysterious passengers arrives at a marina near Peter DelaSangre's secluded island home, heralding the arrival of more sinister events-including the kidnapping of Peter's daughter and a corporation's attack against the family fortune. Now, Peter must uncover the ties that binds these misfortunes together, before it's too late.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Enjoyed this book of the Dragon DelaSangre series, just as I enjoyed the previous 3. I am kind of sad to think that there may be no more.

Peter find himself under attack, both personally and professionally, but has no idea who is behind the attack. Of course Derek, his wayward brother in law is involved. In his search for a mate Derek manages to bring the wrath of the European Dragons to Peter's doorstep. When a Host of Dragons attack Peter and his family he has no choice but to use all of his resources to fight back.

I actually begin to like Derek in this book and really would love to see more of what happens to the DelaSangre family in the future. Maybe the author will consider writing another book in the future.

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