Sunday, January 12, 2014

Best Served Cold (Trailer Park Mystery, #3) by Jimmie Ruth Evans

Best Served Cold (Trailer Park Mystery, #3)Best Served Cold by Jimmie Ruth Evans

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At the Kountry Kitchen, Wanda Nell gets a surprising customer-her brother Rusty, who she hasn't set eyes on since their mama died. Wanda Nell wants to heal the rift between them, but Rusty has other scores to settle in town. Then a man is murdered, and Rusty-who had a knock-down drag-out with him just hours earlier-disappears. Wanda Nell knows her baby brother isn't a killer, and she's got to find both him and the real murderer before the whole thing starts to stink like yesterday's leftovers.


This series keeps getting better with each book. I love Wanda Nell and her family and friends. The town she lives in reminds me of the town that I live in and the story lines are always interesting.
This book touched upon some darker issues, but was well written and came together nicely in the end. I look forward to reading more about Wanda Nell and her adventures.

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