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Winter's Storm: Retribution (Winter's Saga #2) by Karen Luellen

Winter's Storm: Retribution (Winter's Saga, #2)Winter's Storm: Retribution by Karen Luellen

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Born into evil.
Raised for violence.
Searching for truth.


In the second book of Winter’s Saga we meet Creed Young. He’s a metahuman, like Meg, Alik and Evan Winter, but unlike the Winter children, Creed wasn’t rescued by a goodhearted doctor from the experiments and traumas at the hands of the evil Dr. Williams. No, Creed wasn’t that lucky. Instead, he was raised along with hundreds of other metasoldiers in a militant compound to be a lethal, bloodthirsty assassin. His first assignment: To kill the thief, Margo Winter, who stole three children from Dr. Williams’ institute twelve years ago, and return those stolen assets.


A great continuation of the Winter family saga. I would have to say that I enjoyed this one as much, if not a little more, than the first in the series. The plot is smooth and the characters are likable. I am glad that we got to know the other characters in the book besides Meg and the introduction of Creed was a great addition to the story.

Still a couple problems with the editing that takes away from the reading of the story. Wrong usage of homonyms, awkward switch of POV and one very obvious mistake in character name which prevents me from giving the book 5 stars, but overall a very enjoyable read and one that will have me buying the next book in the series.

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