Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Child of the May (Forestwife Saga #2) by Theresa Tomlinson

Child of the MayChild of the May by Theresa Tomlinson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Magda was just a baby, her mother was murdered, and her father John brought her to live in the woods with the Forestwife. Here she learned to heal sick people and became skillful in archery and fighting. Now Magda wants a life of adventure beyond the forest. When word comes that Lady Matilda and her daughter Isabelle are being held captive by the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, Magda is ready. This is the chance of a lifetime to join forces with her father John, and the mysterious Robin Hood and his band of outlaws. Little does Magda know that this is also a chance to come face to face with the scoundrel who murdered her mother.


While this book started out very slowly and the main character, Magda, is very unlikable (selfish and whinny), about mid way through the book we get back into what made Forestwife so enjoyable. The struggle of the forest folk against the king. Definitely picked up the pace and regained the emotional connection that the beginning of the book had not supplied for me. I am looking forward to finding and reading the last book in this trilogy.

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