Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dead Sea by Brian Keene

Dead SeaDead Sea by Brian Keene

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

With zombies taking over the cities, a group of humans escapes the carnage by taking a small Coast Guard ship out to sea, but there's no getting away-even in the wide ocean.


Interesting zombie book. A few differences that make it interesting. First that Hamelin's Revenge(the disease that creates the zombies) is able to cross species. This makes the struggle to survive even more dangerous as the survivors are not only running from the human dead, but also the dead from the animal kingdom. Zombie dogs, tigers, bears, etc make for a greater struggle to survive. Also the survivors take to the sea in an old coast guard ship to try to escape the dead. Of course it is never that easy. The ending for me was a perfect ending for the zombie apocalypse.

My only complaint would be that Keene has a few philosophical rants in the story that I would zone out on while reading. It was like when you are watching a good movie and there is a boring scene and you find yourself drifting off till the next action scene wakes you up. Other than that a very interesting take on the zombie apocalypse.

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