Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cape Storm (Weather Warden, #8) by Rachel Caine

Cape Storm (Weather Warden, #8)Cape Storm by Rachel Caine

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Check the forecast for the series that's "an addictive force of nature that will suck you in ." (News and Sentinel)

Weather Warden Joanne Baldwin and her new husband, the Djinn David, are running from a malevolent hurricane bent on destroying her. Joined by an army of fellow Wardens and Djinn onboard a hijacked luxury liner, Joanne has lured the storm into furious pursuit. But even their combined magic may not be enough to stop it-nor the power-mad ex-Weather Warden controlling it..


I have to admit, I love this series! Yes some of this stuff is repetitive and I really do not like Evil Jo, but overall I love this series. Non stop action, combined with some great friendships and interesting story line makes for a great read. Looking forward to see what they are going to do next. Gonna kind of miss everyone when the series ends.

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