Thursday, July 2, 2009

Growing Wings by Laurel Winter

Growing Wings (Firebird) Growing Wings by Laurel Winter

When 11-year-old Linnet discovers she is growing wings, her bewilderment is confounded by her mother's obvious distress. As it turns out, her mother also grew wings on the cusp of adolescence, only to have them cut off by her mother. Linnet's life seems to speed up rapidly after her shocking discovery; she soon finds herself alone on her estranged grandmother's doorstep, and shortly thereafter, at a type of secret residence for winged people like herself. As she tries to adapt to a life she never expected, Linnet struggles with desires common to anyone who has ever wanted desperately to fit in, while simultaneously seeking to embrace uniqueness.

This unusual novel will strike a chord with young readers who long to both blend in and stand out. Linnet is a sensitive, strong, fallible girl, easy to relate to (in spite of her unusual physical traits). Her adventures as she tries to learn how to fly (just having wings isn't enough--it takes hard work and practice), make friends, find her mother, and, with her winged community, avoid being noticed by the media, make for an entirely new kind of science fiction-fantasy story--one that soars. (Ages 9 to 12) --Emilie Coulter

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This is an enjoyable story about a young girl, Linnet, who suddenly starts to sprout wings. She finds out that her mother also had wings when she was young, but they had been cut off by her mother, making her a 'cutwing'. When the Linnet begins to quesiton her mother it is more than her mother can take and she takes Linnet on a journey that ends up at a hideaway in the mountains where other winged people, as well as other cutwings, are living in seclusion. Here Linnet explores her newly grown wings as she experiments with flying and tries to deal with the impact that the wings have on her life and her future.
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