Friday, June 19, 2009

The Lost Ones (The Veil, #3) by Christopher Golden

The Lost Ones (The Veil, #3) The Lost Ones by Christopher Golden

Bestselling author Christopher Golden brings his epic, innovative trilogy, the Veil, to an astonishing conclusion as the mythic realm of heroes and monsters becomes the site of humanity’s last—and greatest—showdown.

In the world of the legendary, every myth and folktale is real. That is what Oliver Bascombe learned on the other side of the Veil, where humanity's legends have hidden away for centuries. But even legends have legends, and Oliver has learned of a prophecy that many believe he and his sister, Collette, have come to the Two Kingdoms to fulfill. Before they can discover the truth, the Bascombe siblings must help to stop an apocalyptic war that threatens to destroy the Two Kingdoms, unravel a conspiracy, and prevent a powerful sorcerer from severing the world of humans from the realm of the legendary forever.

But first Oliver will have to plot an escape from an impregnable palace dungeon where he and his allies have been imprisoned . . . for regicide.

As old heroes and friends ally themselves for one last battle, even older enemies stand arrayed against them. Is humanity ready to face its legends head-on? For Oliver Bascombe, the price may be dearer than even he could ever imagine.

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This was a good ending to the trilogy. Most of the book is about the war between the Borderkind/Legends and the Atlanteans. The gathering of forces and actual battle. Oliver and Collette also come into their magical abilities and see themselves for the legend-born that they are. All in all a satisfying end.

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Little Willow said...

I love the worlds he's created, and the myths he's remolded.