Thursday, June 4, 2009

Crime Seen (Psychic Eye Mystery, Book 5) by Victoria Laurie

Crime Seen (Psychic Eye Mystery, Book 5) Crime Seen by Victoria Laurie
Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, is having a hard time getting over a gunshot wound from her last case-especially because she didn't see the shots coming. Out of work and second-guessing her abilities, she tries to get back in the saddle by helping her boyfriend Dutch with some of his FBI cases. And soon enough, her intuition returns-with a vengeance.

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Another great Psychic Eye book. In this book Abby is recovering from the gunshot wound that she received in her last book. She is staying with Dutch and is having a hard time trusting her intuitive powers since she feels that they let her down when she got shot. In steps Candice, her PI friend with an offer that Abby just can not refuse, and which helps to get Abby right back into the thick of things. She helps Dutch with a couple of FBI cases while at the same time works behind Dutch's back with Candice on a cold case that both Dutch and Milo are personally involved in, putting herself once more in the middle of some dangerous situations.

A great mystery in this book as well Dutch and Abby working on their relationship. As a whole a great read!

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