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The Pack (Serenity Falls, Book 2) by James A. Moore

The Pack (Serenity Falls, Book 2) The Pack by James A. Moore

Welcome to Serenity Falls...A young girl is horribly tortured, a boy becomes a conduit to hell, the dogs of the town turn feral. One man has been enlisted to stop the encroaching evil. He'll soon discover that the true horror lies not with those who walk the earth, but with those who lie beneath it.

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
Really enjoyed this second book in the Serenity Falls trilogy. This book is written quite differently than the first but I think that you definitely want to read the first book before this one so that you can have the background of the town and the introduction to the town that you get in the first book.

With this second book we actually get into the current day happenings in the town. There really seem to be two different forces at work here. One is the evil being that has lured the Hunter to town and seems to be possessing people to taunt Crowley and then we have the evil that is being generated by the man who placed the curse on the town (can not remember his name off hand). It occasionally gets confusing as to which evil we are currently dealing with but it also makes for a much more involved and intricate plot.

I do have to say that this book ended right in the middle of the story and I would be very unhappy if I did not already have the last book in the trilogy laying here to read right away. I do look forward to finishing the story, though.

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