Saturday, July 12, 2008

Evil Reincarnate by Leigh Clark

Evil Reincarnate Evil Reincarnate by Leigh Clark

From the Publisher
As murderer and sexual psychopath Tod Jarrow's pyschiatrist, Connie Stallman finds to her horror that she is inexplicably drawn to the seductive and enigmatic killer. She soon realizes that she can communicate with him on a level so intimate and deep that it seems to be telepathic. But how can she feel so close to a cold-blooded murderer?

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
This book ended up being a pretty good SS read.

Connie Stillman is a psychiatrist who believes that almost anyone can be helped, no matter the crimes they have committed. But when she encounters Tod Jarrow, a serial killer who mutilates his victims, she is drawn to him in a way that goes beyond a doctor/patient relationship. She finds herself on a journey that traverses time itself and she faces an evil worse than anything that she has every imagined before.

Not only her life, but the lives of her husband and children depend on her ability to understand what is happening to her and her ability to defeat an evil worse than the devil himself.

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