Wednesday, July 11, 2007

#55 -- Must Love Dragons by Stephanie Rowe

*From the Publisher*
*Single Female Dragon seeks love and good times in the big city.*
Theresa Nichols is a red-blooded young woman-trapped in a red-hot dragon's body. Until the chance for a real-live date with her cyber boy toy Zeke sends her running to Satan to strike a deal. After all, when you've gone without sex for over two hundred years, a night of good lovin' is worth your eternal soul, right?
*Single Male, ex-Dragon Slayer, seeks fiery sex goddess.*
Zeke Siccardi is a private detective trying to live a normal life-and outrun his dragon-slaying past. Not easy to do when his sexy online paramour turns out to be a dragon with a contract out on her life. Now Zeke has to protect a woman he was born to kill. But for the love of a fire-breathing sexpot, how hard could it be?

*My Opinion*
I enjoyed this second book of Rowe's almost as much as I did the first.
This book centers on Theresa, Justine's Dragon best friend who we met in 'Date Me Baby, One More Time'. Yes it is a bit far fetched at times, but if you can let yourself go and enjoy the wonderful characters that Rowe brings into the stories it is well worth the read. Looking forward to reading the next one as well.

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