Monday, July 2, 2007

#48 -- Fear the Fantastic by KA Applegate (EverWorld #6)

*From the Publisher*
As Christopher and his friends continue to survive in Everworld until they can find a way back to their own world, they find themselves witnessing the Hetwans preparing to defeat Greek lands and battling the repulsive and dangerous Ka Anor, who is planning to invade Mount Olympus.

*My Opinion*
Another great EverWorld adventure. In this book told by Christopher, the teens escape Fairy Land with their lives and some added riches. They cross into the land of Ka Anor though, the Eater of Gods. The one who has created all of the problems that EverWorld and the kids now face. He is the reason that Loki wants to open a gateway to the Real World. In this book they have to battle the Hetwan, a bug-like alien species who serve Ka Anor. They also meet one of the original Gods from Olympus and must try to help save him from being killed by Ka Anor.

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