Wednesday, June 27, 2007

#44 -- Land of Loss by KA Applegate (Everworld #2)

David's life was pretty normal. School. Friends. Girlfriend. Actually, Senna was probably the oddest aspect of his life. She was beautiful. Smart. But there was something very different about her. Something strange.
And on the day it began, everything happened so quickly. One moment, Senna was with him. Kissing him. Holding his hand. The next she was swallowed up by the earth, her screams echoing from far, far away. David couldn't just let go. Neither could the others. His friends--and hers. So, they followed. And found themselves in a wold they never could have imagined.

Now they have to find Senna and get home without losing their lives. Or their minds. Or both...

Is Senna good or evil or some combination of the two? David, Christopher, Jalil, and April may die trying to find out.

*My Opinion*
The second book in the series and just as good as the first. This one takes up exactly where the first left off only instead of being told by David, the want to be hero, this one is told by Christopher, the class clown of the group. It is kind of interesting to hear the story continue but from a different POV. It is my understanding from my dd, who has read up to #9, that each of the books is told by a different character. Should make it interesting. I am going to go right on with the series as I have enjoyed it so much.

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