Monday, July 16, 2007

#59 -- Lullabye by Particia Wallace

*From the Publisher*
Eight-year-old Bronwyn knew she wasn't like other girls. She didn't have a mother. At least, not a real one. Her mother had been in a coma at the hospital for as long as Bronwyn could remember. She couldn't feel any pain, her father said, it was just like sleeping--only she never woke up.....

But on visiting days, when Bronwyn sat with her mother, she knew it wasn't true that she couldn't feel anything. Her mother was angry. Angry at the nurses and doctors for the way they treated her. Angry at her own helplessness.

But soon, very soon, she would be helpless no longer. And then she would show them all the true meaning of suffering.

*My Opinion*
While this book is listed as horror on the spine, I would not really call it horror. It is however a good book that keeps you involved and reading. The book centers around the English family. Deborah went into a coma while 8 months pregnant with her child. Her deeply devoted husband can not stand the thought of losing her and moves her to a long term care facility where he makes a life for himself and his daughter while still holding out hope that his wife will one day wake up. AT 8 years old, Bronwyn doesn't have a mother like the other kids do. Her mother lays comatose in a hospital bed. The horror part of the book comes when people in the hospital start to die. People who have been caring for Deborah English as she lay in a coma. But really that is just a small part of the story. What the books is really about is how a family deals with life when a loved one is in a coma. How a child grows up knowing that she has a mother, but not really having one. How a man who loves his wife more than anything else in the world deals with the fact that she is gone and he has to go on with life.

While the deaths themselves are somewhat horrific, the climax of the book is really quite tame. Overall a good read as long as you are not expecting a lot of true horror.

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