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Treasure of the Golden Cheetah (Jade del Cameron Mysteries, #5) by Suzanne Arruda

Treasure of the Golden Cheetah (Jade del Cameron Mysteries, #5)Treasure of the Golden Cheetah by Suzanne Arruda

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Intrepid photojournalist Jade del Cameron is about to embark on safari for a Hollywood film shoot inspired by the ancient legend of King Solomon's lost treasure, under the leadership of adventurer Harry Hascombe and with the companionship of the young healer Jelani and her pet cheetah Biscuit. But when the film's financial backer is stabbed to death by a native man who then commits suicide, the trip is cast by a sinister pall. And as the expedition moves higher onto Kilimanjaro's rugged slopes, a series of dastardly hoaxes and a fatal native curse convince Jade that a killer is at work.

Now, Jade will be tested as never before-by mysterious forces...and by a murderer who may prove too much for even Jade's strength and determination.


Like the last book in the series I had a harder time getting into this book. The descriptions of Africa are breathtaking, but the action is a bit slow.

Jade makes some decisions about her life, but she may have made them too late. I look forward to reading the next book to see how that plays out for her. I am hoping that the action picks up a little in this next book.

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