Saturday, June 15, 2013

23 Hours: A Vengeful Vampire Tale by David Wellington

23 Hours: A Vengeful Vampire Tale23 Hours: A Vengeful Vampire Tale by David Wellington

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In the next 23 hours, there will be no reprieve,
no mercy, and no time off for good behavior.

When vampire hunter Laura Caxton is locked up in a maximum-security prison, the cop-turned-con finds herself surrounded by countless murderers and death-row inmates with nothing to lose . . . and plenty of time to kill.

Caxton’s always been able to watch her own back–even when it’s against a cell-block wall–but soon she learns that an even greater threat has slithered behind the bars to join her. Justinia Malvern, the world’s oldest living vampire, has taken up residence, and her strength grows by the moment as she raids the inmate population like an open bar with an all-you-can-drink supply of fresh blood. The crafty old vampire knows just how to pull Caxton’s strings, too, and she's issued an ultimatum that Laura can’t refuse.

Now Laura has just 23 hours to fight her way through a gauntlet of vampires, cons, and killers . . . 23 hours to make one last, desperate attempt at protecting the world from Justinia’s evil.


Very good read in this series.It has been a while since I read the last book in this series, but that did not take away from my enjoyment of this book!
The ongoing battle between Laura and Justinia is reaching it's climax and I can not wait to read more.

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