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The Twelve Quickies of Christmas - Volume 1 by Ashleigh Raine, Lora Leigh, Shiloh Walker, Kate Douglas, Rachel Bo, R. Casteel

The Twelve Quickies of Christmas - Volume 1The Twelve Quickies of Christmas - Volume 1 by Ashleigh Raine

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

These novellas are love stories with very explicit sex scenes.

Angel in Moonlight by Ashleigh Raine
Lita is a Polgaran Pleasure Godess and she’s been given the privilege of living among humans to learn and exerience strong human emotion. She mets Ben, a man deeply retreated within himself. Lita’s love gives Ben healing, but she must leave him or she will be forced to remain earthbound forever.

Make Me Believe by Shiloh Walker
Chelly’s worst nightmare arrived with the court notice that her ex-husband wanted custody of their son. Chelly so desperately wanted the man she had dreamed of since she was a child to become real and to protect her and her son. To her shock, Nikolai is real and he’s the supreme elf of a very northern region.

Just a Little Magic by Kate Douglas
On Christmas Eve, Beth is shocked to find a man dressed in red velvet stumbling off her roof. Seems Dominc Claus has received his pink-slip and is his cousin Nick has relieved him of all Santa duties. Dom owns Rudolph Toys and is happy that he can devote his time to making toys. But it’s not just toys for children that Dom makes, as Beth is about to learn.

Ringing in the Season by Rachel Bo
Feeling disenchanted with her marriage of 17 years, Traci is happily surprised by the unusual treasure hunt her husband Rick has prepared for her. One that takes her on an erotic journey down memory lane, and to her ultimate treasure.

The Toymaker by R. Casteel
Samantha, widowed with two small children on the Missouri frontier, struggles to survive through the harsh winter. When she gives the small toymaker named, Claudius, shelter from a storm, little miracles begin to happen.

August Heat (Men of August) by Lora Leigh
Marly, Sarah and Heather want something very special for Christmas. Since they married Cade, Brock and Sam, they’ve noticed that the brothers have been healing and the nightmares have stopped. It’s time that each brother learns that they can make their own families now


I did not read the first story in this book 'August Heat' because I have not read any of the previous August brothers books so felt no need to read the conclusion to their story.

I did read the rest of the stories and have a couple of favorites.

'Make Me Believe' was probably my favorite. A wonderfully sweet Christmas story about love and acceptance.

'Just a Little Magic' was such a fun read. Loved the characters.

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