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Crooks, Crimes, and Christmas (Wwl Mystery, 473) by Susan Slater, Ed Gorman, Irene Marcuse

Crooks, Crimes, and Christmas (Wwl Mystery, 473) Crooks, Crimes, and Christmas by Susan Slater

Four Festive Tales Of Foul Play . . . With All The Trimmings

A Way to the Manger
Susan Slater

A local teen is missing and Native American psychologist Ben Pecos begins to piece together some disturbing facts. The girl, a high school basketball star, harbors a dark and painful secret, one that puts her on a collision course with a ring of human predators.

The Santa Claus Murders
Ed Gorman

Iowa lawyer turned private eye Sam McCain stumbles over a dead Santa at a Black River Falls Christmas party. Sam knows the real tragedy is that the victim will hardly be mourned. Sam begins to look for answers and finds deception, blackmail and . . . A second body . . .

What Child Is This
Irene Marcuse

It's Christmas morning and New York Social worker Anita Servi goes out to buy bagels -- and comes home with a baby. The infant belongs to a struggling addict trying to go clean, but it was the woman's sister who handed Anita the baby -- as well as the mystery of his mother's murder.

The Gold Band
Michael Jahn

When NYPD Captain Bill Donovan finds a gold ring inside a Christmas goose, his curiosity gets the better of him. His investigation leads to Manhattan's meat district, where he finds himself sorting through a rash of break-ins, a henhouse full of ex-cons and the kind of mayhem that promises a holiday to remember.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I almost gave up reading this book after finishing the first story - 'A Way to the Manger'. I found it hard to get into the characters. Seemed like I was missing a lot of background information about the relationships involved. There really was not a mystery per say and the plot itself was not that entertaining. But I stuck it out and read the next story which was much more interesting.

I actually enjoyed all of the last 3 stories about equally. Each was interesting in it's own way.

I really liked the main characters in all 3 of the stories and would not mind picking up some of the series books that they are in.

Overall an interesting introduction to some new authors.

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