Monday, October 12, 2009

Blow Me Down by Katie MacAlister

Blow Me Down Blow Me Down by Katie MacAlister

In the Internet game of "Buckling Swashes," two die-hard enemies find themselves comrades at arms against a merciless rival, and discover that-on the virtual high seas and in real life-love can tame the most fearsome of pirates.

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This was a fun read!

When Amy Stewart's teenage daughter challenges her to add some fun to her rather structured life by trying out a new VR game called Buckling Swashes, Amy inadvertently gets caught up in a struggle between the games creator and a disgruntled ex-employee. Stuck in the game with only a few other human players Amy must find her inner pirate and figure out how to get herself out of the game. What she didn't count on was falling for Black Corbin, the game's creator. As they join forces to figure out which character is actually Paul, the disgruntled employee, they also have to figure out a way to save the VR world that they are trapped in.

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