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Killers of the Dawn (Cirque Du Freak, Book 9) by Darren Shan

Killers of the Dawn (Cirque Du Freak, Book 9) Killers of the Dawn by Darren Shan

Outnumbered, outsmarted, and desperate, the hunters are on the run, persued by the vampaneze, the police, and an angry mob. With their enemies clamoring for blood, the vampires prepare or a deadly battle. Is this the end for Darren and his allies?

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
There were times when this chapter of the Darren Shan sagas was a bit far fetched. But the author pulled it off in the end, if you can forgive him for a little over active imagination. lol
In this book Darren and the Hunters have 2 more encounters with the Lord of the Vampaneze and one of the prophesied deaths happens. This book really has it's ups and downs, but overall another great chapter and it leaves us wanting to read more.

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