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The Myth Hunters (The Veil, book 1) by Christopher Golden

The Myth Hunters (The Veil, book 1) The Myth Hunters by Christopher Golden

From the Publisher
In this enthralling new tale from bestselling author Christopher Golden, one man is drawn into a realm just across the veil from our own, where every captivating myth and fairy tale is true, the vanished exist–and every fear is founded….

Yielding to his father's wishes, Oliver Bascombe abandoned his dream of being an actor and joined the family law firm. Now he will marry a lovely young woman bearing the Bascombe stamp of approval. But on the eve of his wedding, a blizzard sweeps in–bringing with it an icy legend who calls into question everything Oliver believes about the world and his place in it….

Pursued by a murderous creature who heeds no boundaries, Jack Frost needs Oliver's help to save both himself and his world–an alternate reality slowly being displaced by our own. To help him, Oliver Bascombe, attorney-at-law, will have to become Oliver Bascombe, adventurer, hero–and hunted. So begins a magnificent journey where he straddles two realities…and where, even amid danger, Oliver finds freedom for the very first time

My review

rating: 4 of 5 stars
This book was okay. It takes a while for the story to develop but it does finally come together and right about where the book ends it gets interesting. lol Now I have to read #2.

Oliver is a lawyer from a very wealthy family on the eve of his wedding. He is having doubts about rather he really wants to get married when he encounters Jack Frost (yep the one and only) who has been attacked by a Myth Hunter and needs Oliver to help him. In helping Frost escape the Hunter, Oliver is transported with Frost through the Veil, which keeps the world of the Borderkind (our myths and legends come to life) separate from our world.

This leads to quite and adventure as Oliver attempts to find a way to circumvent that automatic death sentence given to all Intruders, while he joins up with several Borderkind in an attempt to discover who has given the order for all of the Borderkind to be killed and why.

In the meantime The Sandman has escaped into our world and his first victim is Oliver's father. He abducts Oliver's sister to use as bait to lure Oliver to his death.

I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series 'The Borderkind' just to see what happens next.

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