Friday, May 9, 2008

Lost and Found (Remnants, Book 10) by Katherine Applegate

From the Publisher
It’s been 90 days since the Remnants broke the Big Compromise, turning Mother from her course. Now they’ve arrived at the place they called home...500 years ago. But a lot can change in five centuries. Earth has been transformed into a wasteland of ash and debris. And if that isn’t bad enough, while the rest of the Remnants pull together to survive, Yago is slowly pulling away --- concocting a plan to rise to power. With only 13 Remnants remaining, failure could mean the end of the human race...

My Opinion
So the Remnants have decided to return to Earth. When they finally make it there and discover that the planet was damaged too badly to have allowed life to continue they are disappointed. But Jobs won't give up hope.

Another good chapter in the life of the Remnants and I am looking forward to reading the finale as the Remnants return to a very different planet Earth.

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