Friday, May 9, 2008

Ghost of a Chance (Karma Marx: Book 1) by Kate Marsh

From the Publisher
There are other worlds with mysteries to solve.

Worlds where not all of the suspects are technically alive.

That's when Karma kicks in.

Karma Marx exorcises haunted houses, sending troublesome poltergeists and other spirits to the ever after. But one assignment traps Karma, her foster child, her sleazy soon-to-be-ex husband, Spider, and his crooked partner under one roof. And when Spider turns up dead, it's a locked house mystery, and Karma's determined to reveal the truth, even if it means tackling all of the mansion's inhabitants-mortal and otherwise...

My Opinion
This was a fun paranormal cozy mystery. I enjoyed the characters, including the many 'Otherworldly' characters. The main character was interesting. The storyline was good and the 'whodunit' came as a surprise to me. So well worth the read and looking forward to the next when it comes out.

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shaunesay said...

Cool! I've got a copy of this, so I'm happy to hear it was fun! That's what I want lately, FUN!