Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Isolation (Remnants #7) by K.A. Applegate

Three groups race to gain control of the ship and Mother--the ship’s power source and the Remnants’ only chance to create a new Earth. It’s a race against the clock, each other, and forces beyond human comprehension. . . it’s a race the humans may not be capable of winning. And it all leads to the ultimate face-off between Billy and the Baby’s true form. Will the Baby prove indestructible? Will Billy be able to tap hidden powers? Their conflict rushes toward an end so finite, so unbelievable, weapons will be dropped in awe, fighting will cease for a time. . . and new enemies will emerge.

My Opinion
A lot more action in this book than in the last.

All of the aliens; the blue meanies, the riders, the squid, launch into all out war over control of the bridge and ultimately Mother. The Baby, who has been a bit of a mystery until now, shows himself for what he really is and Billy gets pulled into the final battle for Mother.

I think this book is the turning point for this series. We learn a lot in this book about the different alien species and Mother. The battle for control is over and now we get to see how that power is used.

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