Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Autumn Castle by Kim Wilkins

From the Publisher
Christine Starlight lives with her lover, Jude, in a hip artists' colony in modern-day Berlin. Haunted by a troubled past, she is shocked when her missing childhood friend, May, suddenly reappears. Abducted as a young girl, May now presides over a magical, mythical kingdom where a witch lives in a well, a shape-shifting wolf is her trusted counselor, and fate hangs on the fall of an autumn leaf. But as Christine becomes enamored of this beautiful undying land, May falls dangerously in love with Jude. And as their mortal and immortal worlds collide, the women attract a danger born of both realms -- a ruthless killer who knows that Christine can enter another dimension, a place where innocents are ripe for the taking…

My Opinion
What a fantastic story!

Christine lives with Jude in modern day Germany. Christine has lived a tragic life, losing her famous parents in a horrific car accident when she was younger, leaving her with a back injury that causes excruciating pain every moment of her life. One day she accidentally slams her injured back into the corner of the kitchen table causing so much pain that she is rendered unconscious. She wakes seconds later in a wondrous land where she feels no pain. Thinking that she is unconscious and dreaming, she explores this new world only to encounter Queen Mayfridh, the Queen of the Faeries, who also happens to be a girl that Christine once knew in real life.

This trip to Faerie land begins an adventure for both Christine and May that is wondrous, heartbreaking, horrifying and life altering.

I totally enjoyed this book. The characters were fantastic and the storyline was wonderful. I guessed at the ending early on, but was still thrilled with the adventure that lead there.

I have a couple more of Kim Wilkins books on my TBR mountain and plan to pull them out and read them soon.

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