Tuesday, May 1, 2007

#24 of 2007 -- From Black Rooms by Stephen Woodworth

#4 in the Violet Series
From the Publisher
Natalie Lindstrom has finally left the underworld behind for a new career in the art world. But there’s one world she can’t escape: the Other world of the dead. As a former Violet, an elite crime-fighter with the power to channel murder victims, Natalie is now using her paranormal gift to summon the spirits of legendary painters. But she’s about to discover how far some people will go to keep their hold on her–and others like her…. Evan Markham, her ex-lover-turned-Violet-Killer, has escaped from prison. And he’s been made an offer he can’t refuse: Natalie. But first he must help contact a deceased geneticist whose most intriguing experiment was brutally interrupted: an attempt to manufacture Violets.

To protect her young daughter and herself, Natalie must search for the scientist’s only living test subject–a handsome but tortured artist to whom she is dangerously attracted.

For he is caught in the grip of two opposing forces, one that wants his survival, another that wants him–and anyone connected with him–destroyed….


I enjoyed this book after being disappointed in #3 in the series. This book takes us back to what was so enjoyable about the first two books in the series, Natalie’s struggles as a Violet. The action kept me wanting to read, especially at the end. Speaking of the ending, this book leaves off with some interesting possibilities for the next book, which I hope that we do not have to wait too long for. If you have enjoyed previous Violet books then this one is a must read!!

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