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Back to School Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery #4) by Leslie Meier

Back to School Murder (A Lucy Stone Mystery, #4)Back to School Murder by Leslie Meier

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It’s back to school time in the peaceful Maine town of Tinker’s Cove, and for mother-of-four Lucy Stone it isn’t a moment too soon. But trouble at the local elementary school soon has the sometime crime-solver juggling family, job, and night classes with another mystery to solve. And it starts with a bang.

A bomb goes off with the noon lunch bell, but not before all the kids are safely evacuated, and Carol Crane, the new assistant principal, is hailed as a hero. But days later, Carol is found murdered and everyone is stunned when the most popular teacher at the school is arrested for the crime. However, not everyone is buying the open-and-shut case, including Lucy Stone, who senses there’s more to things than meet the eye.

It soon becomes clear that Lucy is flirting with danger, as sizzling secrets and explosive surprises provide a primer for the most diabolical of motives. Hot on the trail of a clever killer, the dedicated mom and seasoned sleuth must harness the courage and cool aplomb to uncover a crime that just might give her an education in the fine art of murder.


Being from a small town similar to the one that Lucy Stones lives in and being employed in the education system, I found this book more interesting for that aspect, than for the actual mystery. I found it interesting how the author managed to portray the very real to life atmosphere of a small town. The prejudice and bigotry that you find in small towns. Suspicion of anyone different or from 'elsewhere'. I also found the whole negative attitude towards schools, teachers and the education system to be realistic as well. Especially from folks who never set foot in a school besides dropping their children off there in the mornings.

Overall I enjoyed the book. I figured out Carol Crane prior to getting half way through the book and the 'whodunit' was a bit rushed and lackluster. Lucy's husband is a neanderthal. But overall I do enjoy reading the Lucy Stone mysteries. I like the fact that Lucy is a real life mom and woman who faces all of the real challenges that women face today.

My favorite line was when Lucy stated that her family viewed her as 'just another kitchen appliance.' What mother can not relate to that feeling.

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