Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eyeliner of the Gods by Katie Maxwell

Eyeliner of the Gods Eyeliner of the Gods by Katie Maxwell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

One of two books in which two girls discover an Egyptian archaeological dig is a lot more than surviving blistering heat and scorpions-hot guys, a cursed bracelet, and ancient tombs make it the adventure of a lifetime.

Publishers Weekly
In interlocking novels, two teens sweat it up in the tomb of Queen Nefertari's twin manicurists. They also separately stumble on a bracelet that may be cursed. In Nash's (You Are So Cursed) book, "chicken liver" Chloe feigns bravery; she faces a scorpion, leads her team to protest their lack of washing water and attracts the attention of wise Dr. Battista (and affection from Connor, a schoolmate from home). Chloe feels fake, but more complications arise when she accidentally pockets an artifact-the bracelet-and cannot seem to get rid of it. In Maxwell's (The Year My Life Went Down the Loo) book, Jan, a loquacious aspiring journalist, buys the bracelet in Cairo, not realizing it is stolen. She bonds with brooding Seth, but people say he's cursed, blaming him for thefts and accidents. When Jan learns the bracelet was stolen, she vows to solve the mystery, imagining journalistic fame and refusing to believe Seth is responsible. The puzzle is resolved at each book's end, though readers must finish both to understand all the pieces. Chloe and Jan interact, even planting their bracelet on each other after Jan catches Seth kissing Chloe, but readers may be disappointed that the books do not fully jibe (they include some but not all the same events and do not emphasize the same characters). Overall, this is fairly shallow fare, but the interesting premise and spunky protagonists make it fun. Ages 13-up.


This was a cute YA book. Little bit of mystery, little bit of romance. I was a little annoyed with the main character, Jan, and her immaturity. She is supposed to be 16 but acts more like a 12 year old. But overall it was an okay read. I am going to read the companion book -- Chloe, Queen of Denial as soon as I can put my hands on it. lol

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