Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dying to Live: Life Sentence by Kim Paffenroth

Dying to Live: Life Sentence Dying to Live: Life Sentence by Kim Paffenroth

At the end of the world a handful of survivors banded together in a museum-turned-compound surrounded by the living dead. The community established rituals and rites of passage, customs to keep themselves sane, to help them integrate into their new existence. In a battle against a kingdom of savage prisoners, the survivors lost loved ones, they lost innocence, but still they coped and grew. They even found a strange peace with the undead. Twelve years later the community has reclaimed more of the city and has settled into a fairly secure life in their compound. Zoey is a girl coming of age in this undead world, learning new roles-new sacrifices. But even bigger surprises lie in wait, for some of the walking dead are beginning to remember who they are, whom they've lost, and, even worse, what they've done. As the dead struggle to reclaim their lives, as the survivors combat an intruding force, the two groups accelerate toward a collision that could drastically alter both of their worlds.

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rating: 5 of 5 stars
Absolutely loved this sequel to Dying to Live. This story of the survivors takes place 12 years after we left them in the last book. The story is told by Zoe, who is the baby that was rescued in the first book, as well as by Truman, a Zombie who retains the ability to read and write. Unlike the first book this one is not so much a story of survival as it is a story of hope.

I really look forward to finding more work by this author as I was very impressed with his talent as a writer.

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